115% Percent Guarantee

Why create such a bold guarantee?  We want all of our customers to feel comfortable with their decision to use our company.

All Action Alarm’s Superior Guarantee

Why create such a bold guarantee?  We want all of our customers to feel comfortable with their decision to use our company. If we obtain your trust from day one, not only will you be a satisfied client, you’ll be a very happy client.  Happy clients love to spread our name around to all their friends and family. When purchasing a security system, you are not just buying a product, you’re also getting peace of mind that you are getting a company that will be protecting your family or business 24/7.

115% Guarantee

Have your Security System installed by All Action Alarm and receive our Superior Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your security installation within the first 3 months, we’ll give you an unconditional refund of your installation and remove all of your equipment for free. We’ll also give you a $50 gift card for your troubles.

Price Quote Guarantee

The price we quote you will never change, unless you request and approve the changes beforehand.

1st Year Service Contract

Get a complete 1 year, no questions asked service contract. If you experience any problems with the system within the 1st year of installation, we will repair it at no cost to you.

Installation Time Frame Guarantee

All of our installations will be completed within the appropriate time frame necessary to get the job done. We will never leave a job incomplete unless a part is back ordered, or the job site is still under construction.

Done Right the First Time

We will never charge you twice for the same service call. If we were not able to repair it right the first time, and you experience the same problem within 3 months of us being there, the service call fee is on us.

False Alarm Fine Guarantee

If you contacted us about a trouble with your alarm system, and we don’t take the proper steps to avoid another false alarm which results in a fine, we will either pay the fine or credit your monitoring for the amount of the fine.

On Time Arrival, Or We Compensate You

We will be at all of our service calls and installations within the time frame set. If we’re running late, we will call to notify you of any delay. If we don’t meet these criteria, we will credit your account for 1 month of monitoring fee’s no questions asked.


What Homeowners Are Saying

“From the initial meeting to the final install sign off, the entire All Action Alarm team were a pleasure to deal with. Many options were presented and they helped me find the right solution to protect my home and my family. It would be a pleasure to recommend All Action alarm to my closest friends and family.”

“Great service! I always recommend.”