Our History

All Action Alarm has been a family-owned business since 1980. We are experienced and maintain a high standard of continual knowledge and education in all areas of residential and commercial electronic systems.

1980: Company Founded

Stephen Mele founded All Action Alarm in 1980. He was trying to build an alarm company part time while still holding down a full-time job during the day. Stephen’s goal was to build a solid customer base that would support him and his family and bring in some extra income. Over the years, Stephen’s security company began to grow with his commitment to it. Eventually, after 14 years of hard work, perseverance and dedication, Stephen was able to retire from his full time job and work nurturing and growing his security company full time.  All of his hard work and effort to build a successful company had paid off.

1995: A New Generation

As the company grew, Stephen needed additional staff to help meet the needs of the business. Stephen’s son, Brent, joined the company full time in 1995 after graduating college with a degree in business. Together, father and son worked on creating new sales and installing alarm systems, securing the lives and property of their customers. Stephen’s younger son, Craig, graduated from college in 1998, and immediately joined the family business alongside his brother and father, further relieving some of the pressure of the growing demand for their services.

2005: Expansion of Services

Over the next ten years, as technology evolved and the demands of the business changed, Craig and Brent remained focused on new developments in the market and brought the company into the new age. As the online world became more intertwined in security and surveillance systems, All Action Alarm was able to adapt and evolve with the industry and offer the newest, most relevant services to their customers. These new developments included services such as audio and video, computer networking, and video surveillance system, keeping them at the cutting edge of advancements within their market and ahead of their competition when it came to first class security systems.

2012: A Growing Portfolio

With all three family members working closely together, they were able to divide the various responsibilities within the business while remaining focused on two common goals,  service and growth.  Each of the sons became responsible for their own department within the company. Craig became the full time sales person, while Brent worked on the marketing strategies of the company; both sons working hard to expand the business and bring in new customers, while maintaining the loyal and happy customer base they had already worked hard to build. Stephen provides technical support to the customers and the technicians working in the field.

2017: Expanding Vision: Family, Excellence, and All Action Alarm

As the company continues to expand, and the demands of everyday business increase, Stephen and his sons are hiring experienced and qualified people that embrace Stephen’s vision, the philosophy and goals of the company. While All Action Alarm remains a family owned business, and Stephen and his sons remain the foundation and cornerstones, the additional support both in-house and in the field, enables them to continue to provide the excellent service and support that their customers have come to expect from them over the years.

Looking Towards The Future

Over the years, we have developed a system that allows all of our customers the confidence and reassurance of knowing that our customer service and reputation is one of the best in the industry. Once the initial installation is complete, our job is not done…our continued customer support is what keeps our customers coming back for new services and upgrades. All Action Alarm has grown from a one-man operation to a fully staffed company.

All of our team members work together to serve our customers. We are Current members of the Long Island Alarm Association and the Electronic security association. Brent Mele is currently Vice President of the Long Island Alarm Association.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“From the initial meeting to the final install sign off, the entire All Action Alarm team were a pleasure to deal with. Many options were presented and they helped me find the right solution to protect my home and my family. It would be a pleasure to recommend All Action alarm to my closest friends and family.”

“Great service! I always recommend.”

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