In the general sense, we are always glad we have smart home security and home automation, It makes  life safer, and a lot more convenient. But have you ever thought about all those individual incidents that could have turned out a lot differently if not for your home automation system? Here are just a few of those heart-stopping moments.

The Kids Forgot The Key But You Are An Hour Away From Home

Your son called to tell you he can’t get into the house because he forgot his key, but you are an hour away. He will probably be safe hanging out in the backyard or at a friend’s house, but you would sure rather know he is safe at home. Smart locks solved the problem twice. He can either use a code to get in, or you can unlock the door remotely.

Did I Turn Off The Curling Iron?

You think you turned off the curling iron, but can’t quite remember. You hope you did, but not knowing is causing you some serious anxiety. If you didn’t, it could mean your home is in cinders in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, you can check the status of that and other problematic appliances on your smart home app and turn it off right from your device.

Are the Kids Behaving

They are old enough to need a little independence, but still need some serious supervision. They can’t get into much trouble in the two hours you are away, right? With home automation you know if the door opens alerting you to a sudden unsanctioned influx of occupancy. Sensors can also tell you if they are into off-limits areas. Still not sure? You can also check the smart camera feed and see what is really going on.

You Didn’t Lock the Door

The morning was rushed and you completely forgot to lock the doors and arm the home security system. With the vast majority of burglars gaining entrance through an unlocked door, you know your home is at risk. It is just one more moment you were glad you had smart home automation because all you had to do was open the smart home app on your phone and lock the doors and arm your system from the palm of your hand.

Mom Ignored the Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Your mom was home when the carbon monoxide detector went off. Since the gas is both colorless and odorless, she thought it was a false alarm. Since you got the alert you could call her and tell her to get out, and since you have 24/7 monitoring, help was on the way to ensure her health.
Yes, having a connected home really makes a difference. All action Alarm is a family owned business that has been protecting Long Island Homes and Businesses since 1980, and we have heard so many stories about how having a connected home has made a difference in our clients  lives. We work hard so you can simply enjoy life.

The moment when you finally get home after a long day and see the garage door open and make way to our personal slice of heaven is one of the best moments of the day. We aren’t thinking about our home security or smart garage door because we just don’t have to— it has been doing its job all day and we already know it.

The Smart Garage Door is Step One in Smart Security

It is easy to forget to close the garage door and leave our home completely vulnerable to burglary and intrusion. Since 70% of us use the garage as the primary entrance into the home, it sees a lot of action. It also provides plenty of room to leave it open and ample opportunity for thieves. This is why keeping the garage door secure is absolutely essential in keeping your home secure. Smart garage doors significantly enhance your security by eliminating the problem of the forgotten open doors and intrusion.

Know Who is Coming and Going

A smart garage door doesn’t just open and close. It provides intel, too. If the kids get home– you know it. If the dog walker comes to get the dogs using a unique code to get in, you know that too. You even know if someone tries to open it using a wrong code, you’ll get an alert letting you know. Then you can check security cameras and head off problems before they occur.

Smart Garage Doors Make Your Home More Responsive

The world is becoming increasingly connected.When your garage is connected to other smart devices and appliances through a central hub, it becomes a trigger for a whole lot of awesomeness. Using geofencing, the garage door detects your proximity and go on, triggers a response that welcomes you home. Lights go on, the temperature adjusts to your exact preference, doors unlock, and appliances turn on ready for your use. When you leave, it does it all in reverse!

Secure Savings, Too

When your garage door is part of a smart home, it helps you do more than secure the property. It also helps secure savings on energy consumption. The responsiveness means it can detect inactivity and proximity so when you leave, or forget to close the door, it initiates a response to close the door, turn off smart lights, electronics, and  connected appliances. It also triggers a response from the smart thermostat to appropriately adjust the temperature. Together, that adds up to real savings.

All Action Alarm is a family owned business that has been protecting Long Island and New York City homes and businesses since 1980.