It’s time to talk about the ways your wireless home security system can help with your home’s electrical safety. Consider these electrical safety advantages your system can provide.

Electrical Fire Protection

Unfortunately, electrical fires at home are not rare. They actually account for approximately 51,000 fires each year, resulting in nearly 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. Furthermore, electrical distribution systems are the third leading cause of home structure fires. If an electrical fire happens at your home, your monitored smoke detectors will sound and simultaneously contact the central station. Fire and rescue will be on their way immediately.

Uninterrupted Connection

Speaking of electrical fires, they will not prevent your wireless security system from alerting the central station. In fact, no fire will. Unlike a hardwired security system, a wireless security system relies on cellular technology to connect to the central station. That connection can’t be interrupted by weather or environmental events – and when it comes to intrusion, no one can cut the wire to disconnect the system. That’s because there’s no wire to cut.

Monitoring Babies and Toddlers

If your wireless home security system includes video cameras, they can also play a role in providing your family with better electrical safety. Better than using a simple audio monitor to listen in on babies and young children, parents can now place a camera in the nursery. That way, they can watch over young children from their smartphones. If your baby or toddler is reaching toward an electrical outlet, you can intervene immediately to prevent a tragic accident. These are some of the key ways a wireless home security system can help with your home’s electrical safety. To discuss upgrading your traditional system to wireless home security, Long Island homeowners can call All Action Alarm. We will be glad to speak with you.

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Men love their man caves, and now is the perfect time to give those rooms an upgrade. Rather than wood paneling a wall or buying another pricey beer light, we recommend giving the man cave a boost with the benefits of a smart home upgrade. Here’s what home automation can mean for your man cave.

Smart Sensors: Protection for Sensitive Areas

The man cave may be the home’s party room, but that doesn’t mean guests should have access to everything in it. If you have a bar and you like being your own bartender, then one way to keep it secure is to place a sensor in the behind-the-bar area. That way, you receive a smartphone alert the moment a guest goes into your sacred territory. It’s a great way to manage the flow of liquor, saving you money and protecting you from liability during parties.

Smart Locks for Home Access 

Is there anything more distracting during a party than getting up to answer the door? With a smart home upgrade to the security system, smart locks can be opened with a tap of the app; that way, you never have to leave the man cave, barbeque, or party game while there’s activity in progress. Guests will be impressed when you talk to them through the speaker, and even more impressed when you unlock the door remotely.

Smart Lighting & Thermostats

Home automation is a great trend, but it’s an even greater home improvement. Now, homeowners can automate the lights, locks, thermostats and even window shades with a simple smart home upgrade to their security systems. It’s no longer a massive undertaking or financial investment; it’s manageable for the average security system owner. And there are few rooms in the home that will benefit from this improvement more than the man cave, especially for homeowners who do a lot of entertaining.

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