3 Ways to Create Smart Home Scenes

3 Ways to Create Smart Home Scenes
Brent Mele

Typically, “making a scene” is not something you want to do – but with your smart home security system, making a scene is exactly what you want to do. With your security app on your mobile phone, you can control a whole network of devices and create smart home scenes with a single command.

How do you do it? Here are three easy steps.

1. Open your smart home security app.

If you’re using your phone, open your smart home security app. If you’re on your desktop computer, you’ll need to log in. Once you’re in, your path is emPower > Scenes. You’ll see four pre-set scenes: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up).

2. Edit your smart home scenes command.

Now, it’s time to decide what you want each of these Scenes to do; they already have commands built in, but you can add and delete those commands right inside the app. Don’t want your Away scene to change the thermostat? You can remove that command from the scene. Want the Wake Up scene to open the garage door so it’s ready to back out of the driveway? That’s your choice.

3. Customize more scenes.

While the four main scenes are a perfect starting point, you can create even more scenes on your smart home security app. These are customized scenes you create based on your specific lifestyle needs. One of the most popular customized scenes is “Movie,” where you adjust lighting and thermostat for a cozy night at home. Another is “Kids Bedtime,” which can include all the commands needed for parents staying up once the kids are tucked in.

When it comes to your smart home security system, go ahead and make a scene – as many as you want. For questions on household management using the great technology of smart home security, Long Island homeowners should call All Action Alarm. We look forward to speaking with you.

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