How Smart Home Security Systems Can Save You Money

How Smart Home Security Systems Save You Money
Brent Mele

Believe it or not, air conditioning is a 100+ year old invention – one we all continue to embrace to this day. Unfortunately, utilizing this invention doesn’t come cheap. But did you know smart home security systems can help you lower your AC bill as we move into the hot summer months? Here’s how.

The Smart Thermostat

One of the coolest (no pun intended!) optional features of a smart home security system is the smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is no ordinary thermostat; rather, it’s engineered with advanced technology that connects to your home security system. This technology intuitively communicates what’s happening in the house – like who’s home and how much longer they’ll be there – and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Smart Temperature Sensors

But that’s not the only difference between a traditional thermostat and a smart one. Unlike your “regular” thermostat, which is likely mounted in a single hallway of the home, a smart thermostat has multiple temperature sensors. These can be placed on many walls throughout the house, in any room you want. That means the thermostat will know the temperature of all those rooms. You can cool down each and every one, using the same amount of energy your previous thermostat used to cool down only the hallway.

Change Up Points of Reference

Your smart thermostat will have a precision comfort feature that lets you switch the device’s main point of reference to any temperature sensor in the home. What that means: If you want the temperature in the master bedroom to be 72 degrees, you can make the bedroom the point of reference. It will cool the house until your bedroom temperature is that magic number of 72.

And the more specific your routine, the more specific you can be with the temperature sensor. Want a different room to be the point of reference on a certain day of the week? You’ll be able to do that. What about weekends? Make the most popular weekend hangout room – the family room, kitchen or dining room – the point of reference on Saturday and Sunday. While a traditional thermostat only cools down the room it “wants” to cool down, a smart thermostat can be programmed to cool down the room you’re in. That extra control can lower your AC bill substantially this summer.

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