How Wireless Security Systems Make Moving Easier

How Wireless Security Systems Make Moving Easier
Brent Mele

It’s almost tax day, but there’s good news for 60 percent of Americans. That’s the amount of people who can expect to receive a tax refund this year, according to NerdWallet. The same outlet reported that the average tax refund in 2019 will be over $2,500. That’s definitely enough for a medium-to-large home improvement project – and for some, it may put a nicely sized dent in a goal to move into a new home. If that happens to be your goal for your tax refund, you may wonder: Can you take your security system with you when you move? Yes with Wireless Security Systems.

Wireless Security Systems

With the introduction of wireless security systems, there were many advantages to the technology shift; one of those benefits was portability. With no cables or dependency on landlines for support, wireless home security systems can normally be moved to your next home. However, it’s important to notify your security company so that your monitoring service can be moved to your new address. In fact, it’s more than important; it’s absolutely critical, so that help can be sent to the correct address if your alarm is triggered by an emergency.

What if you have an outdated system?

For those who own a hardwired, plain old telephone service (POTS) home security system, it would be much harder to pull off taking the system to a new home. But for those homeowners, the good news is that moving to a new home is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a wireless system.

Not only is this system more portable; it’s also tamper proof, meaning it will work even if an intruder smashes the keypad (not to mention there’s no phone wire for an intruder to cut). No matter what, the alarm will sound and the signal will reach the monitoring center. Even bad weather can’t interfere. These things just aren’t the case with an outdated POTS system.

Then, there’s mobility.

Another reason to use your move as an opportunity to switch to wireless home security? Mobile access to your system anytime. From the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to arm and disarm the system, view your security video, and even get text alerts when there’s an apparent security threat. An outdated POTS system doesn’t have this mobile connectivity.

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