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Yes, home security apps certainly are. Let’s talk about the reasons why there’s no better way to manage your home security than with a mobile app connected to your system.

We live on our smart phones.

That’s just the reality, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Tech Crunch reports that smartphone owners use about nine apps per day, and up to 30 per month. You can bet they’re not just checking Facebook; they’re also paying bills, managing bank accounts and conducting other business. Why shouldn’t they also be looking at their home security cameras or making sure their doors are locked? It just makes sense.  

No more login headaches.

People have been using the web to manage their personal accounts for a long time. And yet, there’s been a dip in enthusiasm for visiting the website of your bank or credit card company. Why? People don’t enjoy logging in, especially remembering usernames and passwords. With a mobile app to manage your home security, there’s no need to enter your credentials; a simple tap is all you do to see what you want to see. You’ll be able to check on your cameras, alarm and even the locks on your doors. No login necessary.

Add and delete as necessary.

With a mobile app, you can add people to your account as needed in a totally hassle-free manner. Asking a friend to house sit while you’re out of town? Add him or her to the account temporarily, so they can use their own code to enter the house and arm/disarm the system as needed. When you return home, you simply remove them until the next time you ask them to stay over. Your mobile app makes it easy.

These are some pretty compelling reasons to use home security apps for the management of your home security. Long Island homeowners who have questions are welcome to call All Action Alarm for more information.

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Whether it’s college graduation, weddings or the moving season in general, summer is a time when young adults tend to make big life changes. Sometimes, those big steps include the plunge into first-time homeownership.

Many young homeowners are curious about the smart home movement, and the appeal goes far beyond technical allure. At the end of the day, intelligent young homeowners are like everyone else: They like technology that makes life simpler. At the same time, they also like the idea of having security systems that help them protect their first big investment – their homes. The good news is, they don’t have to choose between the two. For young homeowners on Long Island, NY, smart home technology can fill both roles: home automation and home security.

Smart Home Security is the Total Package

With a smart home security system, young homeowners can bundle equipment that:

  • Detects potential home intrusion threats. This happens by way of motion sensors, glass break detection and connected home security cameras, all of which is designed to work together. When a potential threat is detected, the homeowners can receive an alert on their smartphones.
  • Helps them enter their homes quickly and securely. Coming home after a night out is safer with keyless entry powered by smart locks that are connected to the security system. They can disarm the alarm, unlock the door and even turn on the inside lights from their phones as they pull into the driveway. This reduces time spent at the door.
  • Help trusted friends and family feel more welcome, by allowing them to have a temporary code for the security system. Overnight guests can come and go as needed without a key, and the homeowner controls when the code is activated and deactivated with a tap of the home security app.

With this technology installed, your first home can also be your first smart home.

For ambitious young professionals purchasing their first home, smart home security just makes sense. If you’re a young homeowner interested in learning more, contact All Action Alarm today. We would love to provide a free home security consultation.

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