3 Outdoor Home Security Products for Summer

3 Outdoor Home Security Products for Summer
Brent Mele

Summertime brings warm weather and with it, open doors and windows as well as empty houses with homeowners on vacation. Some cities in the U.S. report over a 20 percent increase in crime during the summer compared to other seasons. Make sure your home is secure this summer with these essential outdoor home security products.

1. Intelligent Lighting

Smart lighting connects with your security system. The intelligent security cameras or image sensors trigger it when they see or sense motion in your yard. Place lighting in the dark areas of your yard and that leaves burglars with no place to hide.

Advanced lighting technology even protects your home when you’re gone on vacation. Simply, set up a schedule for your smart lighting so that it turns the lights on every night, making it appear that someone is home.

2. Smart Security Cameras

Since you can’t be everywhere at once, intelligent cameras watch the places you can’t 24/7. They’re the untiring sentinels for your property. Typical security cameras alert you when they sense activity outside, but advanced technology now lets a new generation of security cameras detect whether it’s an animal, vehicle, or person.

You can even customize the alerts to notify you about all of the activity that you want to be made aware of. Customized alerts prevent you from being bombarded by the trivial events that don’t matter to you. The system can send you recorded and live footage of things going on outside as well as conveying the message that burglars aren’t welcome.

3. The Popular Doorbell Camera

One of the most popular security products on the market is the doorbell camera. It allows you to see who’s at the door or lingering around your property even when you’re not home. Video alerts are triggered by motion in the area of the doorbell. The two-way video and voice functions allow you to speak to both welcome and unwelcome visitors.

With smart locks, you can use your phone app to open the door for visitors once you’ve verified them even when you’re nowhere near the door. If you’re expecting a delivery while you’re out, you can speak to the delivery person and tell them where to put the package so that it’s safe until you return home.

These are just three security elements that will protect your home and family, whether you’re home or not. A complete smart home security system with automation is like having your own security team to help protect your property.

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