Build Your Man Cave With Intelligent Home Automation

Build Your Man Cave With Intelligent Home Automation
Brent Mele

Every man dreams of creating their very own man cave, and when that dream comes true, he constantly wants to improve it. A man cave is never truly finished, but what is the one improvement that provides the most entertainment and efficiency? The answer my friends is intelligent home automation.

Using Smart Home Automation to Impress Your Friends

There are many fun features of home automation, but remote-controlled entry will impress your friends and allow you to never miss important sports’ plays ever again. The new video doorbell for your front door lets you know when your takeout food arrives, and you can even unlock it to let your friends in. They’ll be quite surprised to see you never left the couch when they walk in. If it’s someone at the door you don’t want to see like a salesman, send them away using the smartphone app.

Automate Your Lighting

Using a smart plug, you can automate all the lamps and lights in your man cave. They’ll activate with automation triggers such as opening the door to the man cave or voice control by saying a phrase like, “turn lights on.” There’s no more getting up and down to switch a lamp on or off.

Control Everything with a Single Button

Use the customized scenes to show off your smart home technology. Scenes are simple to customize using the app. You can use any combination of devices connected to the intelligent technology such as smart shades and lighting to create the perfect Game Day environment. You can even include a customized thermostat setting to the scene by adding a remote temperature sensor that communicates with the house’s main thermostat.

Security for the Refrigerator in Your Man Cave

The contents of your kitchen’s refrigerator may be open to all, but the contents of the fridge in your man cave are sacred. You can place a contact sensor on the refrigerator door that no one will notice. When someone opens the door, you’ll receive a customizable alert on your smartphone that tells you when it was opened.

You’ll be the envy of all your friends if you kick your man cave up a notch with smart home automation. This technology will make you more efficient with its simple-to-use features. Game Day will never be the same again.

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