Preventing Home Fires 101: Checking Smoke Alarms

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Brent Mele

When it’s National Fire Prevention Week, remember it’s time to “check the date.” The date of what? Smoke alarms in your home. If your smoke alarms are more than ten years old, then the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises that it’s time to replace them.

Finding Out How Old Your Smoke Detectors Are

Most people have no idea how old their smoke detectors are, but it’s easy to find out. Simply unscrew each smoke detector from its mounting, and check the date on the back. That is the date of manufacture.

What to Do Next

If you discover you need new smoke detectors this year, you’ll probably find more choices than the last time you shopped for them. If you go to a big box store, you may even find some that send you a text alert if they are activated.

However, even these don’t necessarily provide the maximum protection for your home.

The smartest smoke detectors are those installed as part of a smart home security system by a certified alarm installation company. These are detectors that communicate with your security system if smoke is detected, sending a signal to the central station so that security operators can call you right away and get the help you need.

When Smoke Detectors Aren’t Expired

Even if your smoke detectors aren’t expired, you can still upgrade to smart smoke detection and integrate it with your home security system. Call All Action Alarm to get started; we will be happy to show you your options, long after National Fire Prevention Week is over. 

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