Traditional Medical Pendants vs. Wellness Systems

Traditional Medical Pendants vs Wellness Systems
Brent Mele

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” We all know the slogan, but those TV ads were a long time ago. Medical alert devices are still popular, but today’s systems are far more powerful. While the user still wears a pendant around the neck, they and their families can rest assured there are other ways to summon help when it’s needed in today’s smart home wellness systems. For example, they can send alerts when:

Important activity is missed.

What if the user doesn’t move for an extended period of time? What if he or she experiences a major change in patterns: for example, stops eating or taking medication? With a smart home wellness system, that will trigger an alert to the monitoring center. The operators will be able to check in with the user, and also alert the people on the user’s authorized list of contacts.

Unusual activity is detected.

What if the user is wandering away from the home, well past the peripheries of their normal routine? What if he or she is leaving the house at odd hours of the day or night? These are unusual activities that should trigger a signal to the monitoring center – and with a smart home wellness system, it will. What happens next can be determined in the user’s customized action plan.

The user is immobile in bed.

If a user is in bed with no activity for an extended period of time, a bed sensor connected to the system will trigger an alert. The sensor is designed to detect if there is no moving in bed: turning over, stretching and other normal nighttime activity. That way, help can be sent to the home to check things out and intervene if necessary.

These are some of the most important distinctions between traditional medical pendants and smart home wellness systems. To speak with a professional dealer that can explain additional benefits, contact All Action Alarm.

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